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“A Reliable Fence for a Child and a Family” awarded the 27th Great Advertisement chosen by the people

작성일 : 2019.06.04  |  조회수 : 94

On March 26th, Holt and Alleysquare, the advertisement company, awarded the Great Advertisement in radio sector in the 27th Great Advertisement chosen by the people, which is hosted by Korea Advertisers Association and sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

“A Reliable Fence for a Child and a Family” which was introduced in October, 2010, has voices of Holt that say that they’ll be a reliable fence for a child and a family, providing a new world to a child who needs a family, a strong support to a mother who needs help, and an opportunity to dream of to more children in the world.

The Great Advertisement award nominates the winner through the following process: preliminary proceedings among submitted works from advertisement companies and works recommended online in the last year, and evaluation of on-site poll of 100 people and the representatives of consumer-related associations and organizations.

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조회수 : 98

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