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Opening of Mom-comfortable Flea Market

작성일 : 2019.06.04  |  조회수 : 302

Holt held the Mom-comfortable Flea Market with Lotte GRS and Lotte Develop in last April. It was designed to provide an opportunity for a single parent with talent to pioneer a market. It was also intended to raise interest and support to the single parent family. There was a special lecture of Mi-Kyeong Kim, who is an honorary ambassador of Holt and does a lot of volunteer work for single parents.

One of the single parents who attended the event said, “All the products prepared were sold, and there was even a delivery order. The market was not merely a single parents supporting event, but a valuable opportunity for them to get a consistent independence. It was meaningful because it gave mothers realistic and practical help, as well. I wish there would be more opportunities in the future.”

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