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2010.06 Open Bucheon office
2010.09 Open Holt Gowoon School(alternative School)
2010.09 Cambodian Ministry of Health and Child Welfare officials invited Chief Training
2010.09 Completion of Major Holt School Open Gyeonggi Goyang Support Center for a career change
2010.11 Open Sports Rehabilitation Center in GoYang
2010.11 Academic Agreements with Sila University
2010.12 Sponsor and held "Happiness of 3,000 won, Love in Action" Festival
2010.12 Termination of Project Contract for Unmarried Center at Gyeongnam
2011.05 Open Holt office in Cambodia
2011.10 Open Support Center for Child Development Holt
2012.08 Relocated headquarters(current location)
2012.09 The 18th Holt President Kim, Dae-yeol inaugurated
2013.01 Holt signed a documentary donation agreement with National Archives of Korea
2013.01 홀트보호작업장 준공
2013.02 홀트학교 플로어하키팀 스페셜올림픽 은메달 수상
2014.01 홀트 몽골 사업시작
2014.07 달서구본리종합사회복지관 개관


1990.05Daegu Community Welfare Center opened
1991.06Joongdong Children's Home opened
1992.02Woonbong Social Community Welfare Center opened in Busan
1999.01Holt Ilsan Home opened (independent from Ilsan Welfare Town) 원
1999.03Holt Children's Home opened in Suwon
1999.05"Voices of the Soul",Holt Disabled People's Choir,was created
2000.05Family Welfare Research Institute established
2000.07Bertha Holt passed away and was buried at Holt Ilsan Town
2001.03Reconstruction of the Holt Reception Center completed Ken Ahn, a politician residing in America, appointed as PR ambassador
2001.09Kim, Won Jung, a soprano residing in America, appointed as PR ambassador
2002.04HCSI established "sisterhood" ties with Korea Professional Baseball Players Association
2002.09HCSI branch office opened in Ulsan
2003.06Chu, Sang Mi, an entertainer, appointed as PR ambassador
2004.04Goyang Welfare Center for disabled opened
2004.12Domestic adoptive parents’ group named "Han Sa Rang" established
2005.04Facilities for unmarried mothers and their babies named "Achim Ddeul“ opened in Daejeon Hanam Welfare Center opened.
2005.1250th foundation ceremony held. Holt history magazine published
2006.09President Min, Kyung Tae appointed
2006.11Group Home Center "Clover" for unmarried mothers and their babies opened in Mapo
2006.12Center for supporting families of immigrants by marriage opened
2007.02"Ulumma" magazine celebrating 30th anniversary of literature works of orphans published
2007.03Service Center for unmarried mothers and their babies named "Areum Ddeul" opened in Seoul
2007.04Service Center for unmarried mothers and their babies named "Gowoon Ddeul" opened in Suwon
2007.06Family Health Center in Mapo county opened
2007.07Holt community center in Sooyoung opened
2007.12Group Home Center "Clover" for unmarried mothers and their babies opened in Daejeon
2008.02HCSI established "sisterhood" with child welfare center in serahn, China
2008.03Post Adoption Service Center opened
2008.05Open Support Center for single mothers in Gyeongsangnam-do
2008.07Relocated headquarters (Hapjeong 364-70, Mapo-gu, Seoul)
2009.04Open Health and Family Support Center, Suseong-gu
2009.05Open Health and Family Support Center, Hanam
2009.07Open Facilities for single mothers "Sarangteul" in Daegu
2009.09Term Chairman Gyeong-Tae Min(17)


1955.10 The first twelve adoptees left Korea (eight of whom were adopted by Harry Holt)
1956.02 Holt Adoption Program(HAP) office was established in the Salvation Army Headquarters. Reception Center established and 180 children adopted from overseas.
1957Domestic adoptions services were processed by HAP. 1957HAP moved to new childcare center located at Nokbun-Dong, Seoul
1960.12HAP was formally incorporated in the Republic of Korea with Harry Holt appointed as Chairman of the Board
1961.12Holt Ilsan Center established
1963.04Assistance facility for the disabled was approved
1964.04Harry Holt passed away at the Ilsan Holt Orphange
1965.04Foster care services initiated by HAP, Inc.
1968.09HAP,Inc. headquarters moved to Holt building in Mapo-Gu, Seoul
1972.07HAP, Inc. was renamed as Holt Children's Services, Incorporated(HCSI).
1972.08Counseling service program initiated for unmarried mothers.
1973.03HCSI branch office opened at Busan.
1975.01HCSI branch office opened at Daegu.
1976.08Holt Reception Center opened in Mapo-Gu, Seoul
1977.01HCSI branch offices opened at six cities (Jeonju, Inchenon, Chuncheon, Sungnam, and Jeju)
1978.05HCSI branch office opened at Gyeongnam Province
1979.04Government-appointed Board of Directors organized
1980.11Civilian Jeonju Babies' Home opened and operated by Holt
1981.07Board of Directors reorganized
1982.01The Holt Medical Clinic reopened
1982.05Wanda School renamed as Holt School
1984.01HCSI branch offices opened in Gyeonggi and Gyeongbuk Provinces
1987.01HCSI branch office opened at Gwangju
1989.03Holt Travel Agency established.