Adoption Service Program

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Holt Children’s Services strive to provide homes for children in need of help through domestic and international adoption so that every child can grow up in a family.

10 Professional Counseling Centers

As adoption is similar to giving birth, choosing a counseling office is important. Holt has provided home and parents to one hundred thousand children who otherwise were to grow up alone; and is running counseling offices consisting of professional social workers at 12 regions around the country. Holt is an acknowledged institution with credibility and professionalism. in the case of domestic adoption, 405 children (36%) among 1,125 domestic adoptive children were adopted through Holt in the year 2010 and 552 in 2012.

Domestic Adoptive Family Support Programs

In our family counseling services, education and medical assistance, family camps, and to help domestic adoptive families after adoption, The Post Adoption Service Center provide on adoptive family network so that child rearing experience, resources and information can be shared through this active network among adoptive families.

Overseas Adoptee and Family Support Programs

Holt hosts and welcomes motherland tours and Happy Trail, our annual summer camp, where overseas adoptees can experience their mother country’s culture, language and life. We also provide birth searchs, translation services and the Homecoming program which assists overseas adoptees as they learn about life in Korea. All documents regarding adoption are kept in a high-tech file storage facility. Holt Travel agency assists with any travel needs or arrangements and manages accomodations at Holt.
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