Single Parent Family Support program

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Crisis counseling and family life support program

Holt runs a hotline and counseling center around the clock for single parents and poverty stricken mothers who find it difficult to raise their children alone due to the lack of social, financial, and emotional support for unprepared pregnancy. We also offer psychological counseling, medical aid, and child rearing counseling.

Living Support for unwed mothers and children in poverty

We offer counseling and medical service, childcare cost, and baby goods to unwed mothers raising children alone in the community to provide stability and necessary support for their children.

An alternative school for unwed mothers

To prevent adolescent single mothers from droping out of school or giving up their education, Holt established Goeun School, in October, 2010 to provide education. Young mothers can now work toward to achieve middle and high school diplomas.

Shelters and homes for unwed mothers and children(Clover Homes)

For unwed mothers who need help during their pregnancy, childbirth and child care, Holt runs 2 homes/shelters for single mothers and children. Services such as clothes, psychological counseling, and safe and secure room and board for free are provided to those in need. Single homes also offer independent living education and daycare services.