Community Service Centers

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Community Care and Education Work

Holt has 4 community service centers; Daegu, Unbong and Soo-Yung in Busan, and Hanam. These centers provide and manage family crisis counseling, parent’s education, low-income group study room, legal advice, teenage consulting, and disabled children treatment programs. They also provide family welfare and educational work through cultural lectures. In addition, Holt Service Centers throughout the country provide social services for the elderly in communities who live alone, and operates 5 daycare services for low income families and families with working moms.

Hope Scholarship program

It began in 1982 to help teenagers with financial hardships in pursuing their academic goals. To this date, Hope scholarship has given about 2.7 million dollars to 8,999 students. It not only aids scholarship for social work college students, but it also supports educational cost for 300 low-income family / children nationwide selected. Each year 10 students are selected, and the scholarship is awarded to help them to get closer to reach for their dreams to their full potential.