About HOLT


It started out of love in 1955.

Holt Chilren's Services, Inc.(HCS) started that year by finding a family for children orphaned due to the Korean war and the resulting poverty. Ever since then, HCS has worked for the social welfare and happiness of children.
HCS founder Harry Holt and his wife Bertha adopted eight Korean orphans and dedicated their whole lives for orphans and the disabled. They even put all of their fortune on the wasteland in the mountains and cultivated it with their own hands. The wasteland turned into Holt Ilsan Center where they rest in peace now after spending their lives for children till their last minutes.
HCS inherited its founder's legacy of 'Love in Action' and has put rigorous efforts on welfare projects for children, youths, single parents, the disabled, low-income people and multi-cultural families. Also, we have worked on improving the rights of overseas children in poverty.


2020's ~

  • 2017.04 Received special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC) at the United Nations(UN)

    2009.07 Cambodia Holt Dream Center opened

1960 ~ 1970's

  • Special Education School (now Holt Special School) opened 1975.03

    Corporate name changed to Holt Children’s Services 1972.07

    Welfare facility for people
    with disabilities(now Holt Ilsan town) opened


  • 1956.02 Holt Adoption Program(now Holt Children’s Services) wasestablished

    1955.10 Eight war orphans were adopted by Holt family