Post Adoption

Services for domestic adoption

We Consult with domestic
adoptees, adoptive families,
and birth families.

Reviewing adoption file,
understanding adoption background,
finding birth families, finding foster mothers,
supporting reunions of birth·foster families, etc.
Consultation on the relationship between
adoptees and adoptive parents,
counseling of parents' concerns by age, supporting psychological sentiment,
issuing adoption certificate, etc.
For information about adoptees,
support for reunions, etc.

Process of Birth Search


Applicable to adoptees over 19 years old in person.
(Adoptive parents' consent is required for minors.)


Article 35 of the Adoption Special Act, Articles 13
through 17 of the Enforcement Decree of the same
Act, Articles 29 through 30 of the Enforcement Rules of the same Act


Submit Petition for Adoption Information Disclosure form and identification document written by the adoptee after sufficient discussion
with the social worker in charge.
Identifying the last registered address of a birth father/mother through the National Center for the Rights of the Child(NCRC) based on the Adoption Special Act.
Send registered mail three times to the identified address.
Reunited or exchanged letters depending on the consent of the birth father/mother.
End the process of finding a birth family if contact is not reached or if birth parents do not consent or reject.

Holt Domestic Adoptive Family Community

Holt Domestic Adoptive Family Community (Han-Sarang)is an open adoption family group
where adoptive families who became family through Holt Children's Services meet together,
gather voice about public adoption, support each other and move forward together.

Holt's open adoption families can participate in education and self-help meetings
for adoptive families through joining the Holt Domestic Adoptive Family Community(Han-Sarang) Website.

Education Program for Domestic Adoptive Family

Adoptive Family Education Camp

The camp for adoptive families is held for one night
and two days and consists of parent education,
children's programs, and family harmony programs.
This camp is supported to promote exchanges
between families of public adoption,
share the concerns that adoptive parents may have,
and solve their curiosity through lectures.


Tel : 02-331-7015~7023
E-mail :,
Consultation method :
e-mail, phone call, visit
(appointment will be required)
Available time : 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.