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Completion Ceremony for Elementary School in Coldara Region Sponsored by Angel Network

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  On May 4th, completion ceremony for Elementary School of Coldara region, that has suffered damage from 2015 earthquake, was held. The Elementary School that has been constructed by our organization, suffered great damage that children could not continue their studies. With the sponsorship of Angel Network (Representative Jang, Geun-hyeong), we have constructed classrooms and health center so that the children and residents can study and receive health care benefits under safe and comfortable environment. At the completion ceremony this day, school principal, community residents, students, members of Angel Network and staffs from our organizations have participated and there was also an event where members of the Angel Network delivered sponsored school supplies to the children for their education.

  Angel Network is an organization established by representative Jang, Geun-hyeong for volunteer work to regional communities and collects sponsorship monthly to deliver the donations to regions in need of help around the globe. They have already led projects to improve many regions around the globe such as constructing library in Cambodia and Nepal and ger in Mongolia for homeless. Through the completion of Nepal elementary school, our organization have promised continuous cooperation in International Development Business.