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Nursery Products Aid for Unmarried Family Business Agreement Ceremony with Credit Counseling & Recovery Services

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  Holt International signed a social contribution agreement with Credit Counseling & Recovery Services for nursery products aid for unmarried family. Through this agreement, Credit Counseling & Recovery Services will be providing about 110 grand worth of nursery products for 500 unmarried parents. Application process and selection will be covered over five times, and the first aid will be provided during July through Holt Unmarried Parents Support Center.

  President Kim, Dae-yul of Holt International said, “We are happy to be able to support Unmarried Parents, another neglected class, with Credit Counseling & Recovery Services that is currently supporting various financially neglected classes with public spirit, reliability-centered, and vocation.” Also, this sponsorship was settled through “New Hope Healing Fund,” which is a social contribution fund supported with finance companies.