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“Happy Mom Quincy Market” With Lotte GRS

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         Holt Children’s Services held “Happy Mom Quincy Market” with Lotte GRS on April 27th at the outdoor plaza located on the first floor of Lotte City Hotel Myeong-dong. This event was to celebrate the enactment of “Single Parent’s Day” on May 10th this year, and to help the most difficult task of unwed parents, which are economic problems.

           Lotte GRS “Charlotte” Volunteers operated a sales booth together and donated all profits raised and lecturer Kim, Mi Kyung (Holt Children’s Services Ambassador), who participates in various volunteering works for unwed parents, gave a special mini lecture. Lotte GRS authority said “Unwed parents who participated in Quincy market were able to experience selling jams and leather crafting they made themselves and earned opportunities for selling their own products” and continued “Lotte GRS hopes that Quincy market support will open various opportunities for unwed parents, raising their kids by themselves, and will continue to aid in various ways.”