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Held Donation Delivery Ceremony for “365 Baby Care Kit” with KB Insurance

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           On May 10th, there was a donation delivery ceremony with KB Insurance to support the healthy growth of infants in unwed parent families. Through “365 Baby Care Kit” supported with the donation provides a system that supports baby products that unwed parents need in raising their children, so we can protect the lives of infants 365 days. KB Insurance has been supporting since 2014 and provided $700K this year as well, summing up to a total donation of $3 million.

           At the donation delivery ceremony, CEO Yang, Jong Hee of KB Insurance, Ambassador Kim, Seong Eun, and authorities of both institutions participated and contributed even further by packaging “365 Baby Care Kit” together after the ceremony. Unwed parents who participated in the ceremony sang own music that talks about mother’s love and many people empathized.

           CEO Yang, Jong Hee of KB Insurance said “We hope the 365 Baby Care Kit program will help and give some hope to unwed parent families that takes care of nurturing and living by themselves,” and continued “We will work to become a company that shares hope with those suffering in our society by continuing socially responsible tasks next year as well.”