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Angel Network Sponsored Mongolia Ger Construction Completion Ceremony

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                On June 4th, we held a Mongolia ger construction completion ceremony in Bayanzürkh District, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia sponsored by Angel Network, volunteer group based in Su-won, with president Jang, Keun Hyun and volunteers, president Kim, Dae Yeol of Holt Children’s Services, and Jeong, Jae Nam Ambassador of Koran Embassy of Mongolia participating.

                “Angel Network” is a volunteer group based in Su-won region, and sponsored construction of elementary school classes in Colada, Nepal, that suffered from earthquake in 2017. They also delivered $100K of donation to Holt Children’s Services this year, which the members contributed each month for children and families in poverty.

                After the ceremony, they participated in the ger construction, visited families supported with ger and delivered gifts. Also, they visited Holt Dream Center, spent enjoyable time with the children and gave school supplies to children as gifts. President Jang, Keun Hyun of Angel Network, that celebrates its 10th year this year, said “We are happy to be able to celebrate the 10th year meaningfully and we will continue to help the neighbors in need around us.”