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12th beautiful youth ‘dream mission’ presentation held

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On 18 January 2019, those 10 students selected for “2018 12th beautiful youth” presented the “dream mission” that they have worked on for a year.

The “dream mission” presentation was focused on how they have thrived for the past year to achieve their own goal with the scholarship (three million won). At this meaningful event, sharing their own journey, the former participants also gathered to share their warm encouragement and cheering. This made the event truly meaningful for the 10 students.

Especially, Kim Hyun Su, the youngest student, won a gold medal in 2018 Pohang Traditional Music Instrument Competition, Chae Hyun Su, and Yong Su Min each received Minister of Education Award and Gyeonggi-do superintendent award in 2018 9th creative activity competition. We could all take a look at how they have used the scholarship for their dream and interests with passion. We are looking forward to see these beautiful 10 youth to grow as the society’s bright minds.