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Implement of the business evaluation meeting of the Bluebird, the Flap of Wings toward Dreams

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In February, the first-year business evaluation meeting, “Start, the excitement”, of the first unit “the Bluebird, the Flap of Wings toward Dreams” was conducted in the hall. 30 bluebirds who were about to retire from the institution, 27 instructors, and 17 mentors attended the meeting. There was also time to present impressions that bluebirds, mentors, and the instructors who made a lot of memories with Holt through the course of asset management and club mentoring can express their opinions.

“It was a great opportunity for me to know myself and prepare for my future.”  

“It was nice to make unforgettable memories by mentoring, and I felt really reassured having a mentor whom I can get it out to.”

“I learned how to manage my money by the asset management course.”

We could hear lots of voices that say that bluebirds could grow in many ways through “the Bluebird, the Flap of Wings toward Dreams.” We expect the future activities of “the Bluebird, the Flap of Wings toward Dreams” can be a guidance for the bluebird to be independent.