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We're Getting Married in the Blossoming Spring!

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Yeon-ok Kim and Heui-mok Seo got married on March 20 when adorable flowers were blossoming under the cozy sunshine. Forty-one-year-old Yeon-ok has Down syndrome, first-class intellectual disabilities and a beautiful smile. Forty-sixyear-old Heui-mok has first-class intellectual disabilities and a bright smile shone on everyone in the morning at work.

Heui-mok and Yeon-ok were admitted to Holt Ilsan Center when they were little. After 30 years of staying at the center’s residence with other residents, they moved to a ‘group home’ where disabled people live together before standing alone in the community. Heui-mok started living alone in 2018 after years of various training. For 40 years, Heui-mok and Yeon-ok had always each other by their side, living together at a group home, singing together as members of Holt Voice of Soul, the choir of Holt Ilsan Center, and working closely together at Holt Rehabilitation Workshop. Along the way, they have become much closer.

It was a year ago when their relationship developed from coworkers to a couple. Actually, Yeon-ok had long had a crush on Heui-mok for his tenderness and one day she made the move first, telling him that she had feelings for him. Her true heart eventually opened up Heui-mok's. They announced that they were a couple on a beautiful spring day in 2018. Every morning Heui-mok took a bus ride of about 45 minutes from his own place to Yeon-ok's group home and waited for her to go to work together. They also came home together after work every evening. They were inseparable. Yeon-ok was all about Heui-mok while at work or at play. When she spotted a beautiful place, she always asked to take a picture of her and her boyfriend.

After a while, they finally decided to get married. Yeonok had never succeeded in losing weight for her whole life of 40 years but lost more than 26 lb for her wedding day. She is also eager to learn everything about household including cooking and cleaning, while Heui-mok worked hard and saved money to be a responsible breadearner. After thorough preparation, they became a happy husband and wife on a shiny spring day. Even though they get subsidies as beneficiaries of national basic livelihood, they have a lot of difficulties ahead of them. We hope that they would live happily ever after with the support and attention of the community.