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Lija, A Little Girl from Napal

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Lija is a little Nepalese girl, smaller than average children of her age. Her heart had two holes and her hearty artery was dangerously narrow. Her parents had lived in constant fear that something terrible might happen to her. The young mother and father in their early twenties left their hometown and moved to the city of Katmandu only to fix their daughter's heart. However, the reality was harsh. They were able to barely survive and pay for the rent even though they tried hard day and night, working at construction sites and selling vegetables at markets. It was nearly impossible to have her daughter examined at the hospital.

Upon hearing Lija's situation, HCS arranged a thorough medical checkup with the support of Korean sponsors. However, the doctor said that the operation was beyond the capability of the Nepalese hospital and sent Lija and her mother back home. They were devastated but soon another door opened for them. Korea's Severance Hospital volunteered to do the operation on Lija. The young mother who needed a lot of courage even to move to Katmandu from hometown mustered up even greater courage for her daughter and got on the plane with Lija to a strange and far-away country of Korea.

Lija and her mother arrived at Korea on December 15. Lija was smaller and thinner than expected. She was admitted to Severance Hospital right away and examined in various ways. After conducting dental examination, ECG, echocardiogram and heart CT scan, the doctors concluded that one of the holes on Lija's heart was pretty big as wide as 18mm, that the valve from the right atrium to lungs had problems of opening up, and that her pulmonary artery was relatively thick.

 After a couple of days, Lija got an operation to stop up the large hole and widen pulmonary artery. The little girl had to lay still all day long with sandbags on her legs until the bleeding stopped. For two weeks at the hospital, she recovered rapidly, adored and loved by the nurses. Her mother took another courage to get over her shyness and said at the farewell party, "It would have been impossible in Nepal and without your help. Now my daughter is healthy as ever. I'm so happy. We owe lots of people. I'm truly grateful for those who help my daughter get healthy." 

It has been four months after Lija went back to Nepal. She got even more healthier and lives a happy life as a normal child. She got pretty taller and gained weight. Now she can breath comfortably and runs around with her friends all the time. Even though her mother still cannot keep her eyes off her daughter for Lija needs constant care for her condition, Lija's mother cannot hold back her smile when she looks at her daughter happily running around with her friends.