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The Second Mongolia Holt Dream Center Completion Ceremony

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Since Holt Dream Center was opened in Bayanzürkh District, Mongolia in 2014, around 80 children from the region are provided with after school education, health/emotional care. To approach the city poor families better, Holt decided to open the second Holt Dream Center in Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar City. Chingeltei District, which is located at the north of Ulaanbaatar City, is a poor region where 79.4% of the population is city poor, that confronts problems with lack of drinking water, sanitation facilities, and issues with heat and household waste. For more children and families living in Ger area, Holt started to build the second center, and had a completion ceremony on August 27th.

It was a special experience as the children from the center prepared and performed the Morin Khuur(Horse-Head Fiddle) play and traditional dance. Mongolia Holt Dream Center would continue to provide a high quality education to the poor children and to build the foundation for the poor families to be independent.