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“Lost 413 Days” Support Campaign for Babies Waiting to be Adopted

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For the first 413 days after birth, babies go through a lot. The little ones who used to spend the whole day sleeping, eating and crying develop into being able to hold their heads up, begin to babble, make eye contacts with their caregivers and finally take a first step. They feel and remember everything from the warmth in their caregivers' arms to sadness and anxiety throughout the whole process. However, those eparated from their biological mothers right after birth and put up for adoption have very different 413 days. It takes 413 days on average for the babies put up for adoption right after birth to be adopted by a new family. The days are lost because neither their biological nor adoptive parents can share or remember them. They have yet no family to remember and celebrate every first thing they do in their lives.

Ko, Chang-seok and Lee, Jeong-eun 

Many people lent a hand to help the babies. Among them, actor and actress couple Ko, Chang-seok and Lee, Jeong-eun appeared in the campaign footage. They said that they reminisced about their teenage daughter's first days during the shooting. Mr. Ko said, "I didn't know the babies wait to be adopted without a family during the days until I joined the campaign. This became an opportunity for me to take an attention to the children put up for adoption." The couple also volunteered to be No.1 regular sponsors for 'Lost 413 Days' campaign.

Hong, Hyun-heui and Jason

The celebrity comedian couple Hong, Hyun-heui and Jason also participated in making the campaign footage. They donated their precious time and talent out of busy schedule. They talked about the first moment when they met each other’s family and the meaning of family. It was really impressing that they truly understood and sympathized with the children put up for adoption. You can watch their warm-hearted campaign footage on HCS website or Youtube. 

Your precious donation is used for fostering the babies waiting to be adopted. We hope that more attention and participation would continue for 'Lost 413 Days' campaign.