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“Will You Come Over to My House?” House Support Campaign

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Eunji(an assumed name)'s family is a multi-cultured one. She lives with her Philippine mother and mixed-blood brother. They lived happily without serious problems until her Korean father's sudden death in 2014. After his death, her family went through harsh times financially and emotionally. They had to survive with her father's modest savings as her mother has had difficulties in finding a job due to her poor Korean.

Eunji's family lives in a two-room multiplex housing unit with a lot of problems. One of the rooms was insufficiently insulated and waterproof so that the walls and ceiling were covered with mold and pieces kept falling from the corroded ceiling and walls. Eunji and her brother naturally wanted to have their own room but the three of them had to sleep together in one mold-free room or in the kitchen. It was really sad for her mother to see their children live in such environment. They also lived with the danger of electric shock from home appliances due to the damp circumstances in the house but could not afford to fix it. They just kept throwing out the water out of the house. HCS's 'Momdeundeun Fence' campaign went to the rescue.

Now Eunji's family lives in a safe and solid house with new waterproof walls and linoleum and all the black mold on the walls and ceiling has gone. Eunji is happy as she can invite her friends, play with them and do homework together at her house.

We can now sleep safely at night at a clean house without any fear of pieces falling from the ceiling. We are really happy to live in a safe house without a mold. Thank all of you who went through all the troubles to fix our house. We will never forget your kind heart. - From Eunji's family