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Angel Network Sponsored Classroom Extension of Tmoda Elementary School

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As most of NGOs' activities focused on Phnom Penh in Cambodia, elementary schools in local area get relatively less attention and help. Tmoda Elementary School is one of them as it is located in Kampong Cham 40km away from Phnom Penh Airport. As it lacked classroom, all the students crammed in only three classrooms and the fifth and sixth graders shared one. Some children had to travel long distance every day to get to school.

The school got three more classrooms in May thanks to Angel network, Suwon volunteers' group, which sponsored 200 thousand dollars and the head of the village and the principal who raised 4,000 dollars. Now the students of each grade get their own classroom and accordingly systemic education.

The long-awaited ceremony for classroom completion took place on August 22. It was like the whole village's festival with 284 students and about 200 villagers gathered. The city councilor and the superintendent of schools thanked Angel Network and HCS. The volunteers' group also donated school supplies and shirts for the students and development fund for the school. 

Holt Dream Center Cambodia has made efforts to improve education environment and provide education opportunities for as many children as possible. However, many Cambodian children still have difficulties continuing their education in a dire circumstances. We hope that more attention and support would continue for Cambodian children.