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“Love In Care” Medical Expenses Support Program for Adopted Children

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HCS's domestic adoption business is for children in need of safe and happy environment of family. Most of the adopted children grow up healthily and happily in a loving family. However, some of them have difficult times with minor or serious medical problems. As the children need urgent and active support, we started 'Love In Care,' a medical expenses support program for adopted children.

A sad news came from Hana(an assumed name)'s parents last February. Hana was put up for adoption through HCS a week after birth and adopted by her loving parents when she was one month old in January, 2017. The happiness her parents felt by adopting Hana was greater than anything else and she grew up as a healthy and happy baby in a stable circumstances filled with her family's love and attention. One day, Hana showed cold symptoms and her parents took her to the hospital, thinking she might have a minor problem like tonsillitis. After various tests, however, Hana was diagnosed with the fourth stage of  euroblastoma, a kind of pediatric leukemia. Her parents did not know what to do, but they tried to overcome the hardships as hard as they could. They tried everything to cure their daughter and prayed everyday.

Hana took six times of chemotherapy and a surgery to remove a tumour ever since she got a definitive diagnosis five days before her third birthday. HCS sought for ways to help her and her family, started
'Love In Care' and actively supported her treatment. A while ago her parents sent a message that says, "Hana went through chemotherapy and surgery successfully and is restoring her health thanks to HCS support. We still have a long way to go but we believe we can get over it with the support and prayer of a lot of people."

HCS has kept supporting domestically adopted children and families when they have urgent and serious medical problems. We will go on various efforts to help adoptive families have a happy and healthy life. We also express gratitude to Community Chest of Korea for its support for 'Love In Care.'