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Happy Glamping of Moms and Children

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Single-parent families and Charlotte volunteers' group went camping for two days at Paju Glamping Ground on June 13. HCS and Lotte GRS started 'Happy Glamping of Moms and Children' program in 2016 to give the families some space and time to improve relations with each other.

The families gathered at HCS auditorium in the early morning with excitement on their faces and expectations in the bags on their shoulders. Charlotte volunteers who would be the children's uncles and aunts during the camping were also excited.

The children got on the bus, holding hands with their mothers, uncles and aunts and headed to Paju. The first program they had in the fresh nature was 'making my own flower pot,' a green campaign prepared by Lotte GRS. They decorated white pots in their own ways. The children did not stop expressing their creativity even after the guide said, "Now put down your pens and choose your plant." Finally, the plants they picked were transplanted in the colorful pots. We hope that the delightful memory of making a pot with their own little hands would keep their hearts warm.

'Mini track meet' took place at the small field. The children's fervor and cooperation put the hot summer weather in the shade. While walking along with their mothers in the nature, the children said 'hello' to squirrels they could hardly see in the city and guessed the names of various flowers and plants. As the highlight of the glamping, everyone gathered at the auditorium and had a family talent show competition after having barbecue as dinner out in the open. All kinds of talent graced the night, from the performance of sing-a-song writer family and singing along a comic tune to imitating idol groups and tap dancing.

Later, a family sent us a letter saying "Spending two days in nature filled with the sound of flowing water and singing birds was a vacation and a gift for me having been exhausted from daily lives. I had always been tense looking after my child in and out of the house but I was able to relax thanks to Charlotte volunteers. My child could not stop smiling and laughing the whole time and held onto the hands of the volunteers when the moment of departure came. Thank you HCS and Lotte GRS volunteers for giving us such a wonderful memory!" We express our gratitude to Charlotte volunteers who presented such an amazing time to the single parents and their children and Lotte GRS which had sponsored for the program for three years.