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Help Each Other! Care for Each Other! We Can Get Through This Together!

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A novel coronavirus COVID-19 has become a pandemic, having emerged in China in December, 2019. Korea also sees rapid increase of infection, particularly in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do. Korea's infectious disease alert was elevated to 'Serious,' the highest level in February. In the crisis, however, many people joined to help neglected families burdened with overwhelming difficulties.

CJ Olive Young provided single-parent families with 10,000 health and sanitary items including face masks and antibacterial wet tissue in February. Actor Lee, Minho and MYM Entertainment donated KRW 10 million and 1.5 ton of rice through the donation platform PROMIZ in March. Actress Ko, So-yeong sponsored neglected families shut from the outer world with KRW 50 million as well as sanitary items including masks for children, toothpaste, gargle worth of KRW 50 million.

Comedian Kim, In-seok donated KRW 10 million to celebrate his son's birthday and at the same time to wish the COVID-19 pandemic come to an end. Celebrity real estate lecturer Jeong, Ji-young also donated KRW 10 million for adolescents discharged from residential care. She has supported ‘Blue Bird, Wingbeats for Dreams,' HCS's sponsorship program for adolescents discharged from residential care.

We Packed Every Sharing Kit with A Wish for Health
The precious donations were used to produce and distribute 'Sharing Kits' containing disposable face masks, hand sanitizers and foods and drinks for families in crisis across the country, particularly for those hardest hit in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do. We also intend to support necessary items for low-income or single-parent families and adolescents discharged from residential care, while expanding emergency support of shelter, medical service and psychological counseling. We are truly thankful to the warm-hearted donators. 

'Thank You' Messages from Those Who Received 'Sharing Kits'
Sharing Kits were delivered to families in crisis in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do through community centers including Daegu Holt Community Service Center as well as the adolescents discharged from residential care through ‘Blue Bird, Wingbeats for Dreams.'

"I had been depressed, locked up in the house with the school closed. I cannot thank you enough for supporting us with all the necessary items. Thank you very much for helping us in this difficult time."

"HCS helped me a lot when I was at a loss on what I needed for my independent life that started during the pandemic crisis. The Sharing Kit was really useful. Thank you for helping me have a healthier and cleaner life everyday."