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First Time in Korea Full of Dreams and Joy

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The group of 12 exciting children and teachers visited Korea from Cambodia, Mongolia and Tanzania in October last year. For seven days from October 15 to 21, they were invited to HCS's invitation program for overseas children intended to support the dreams of overseas children from impoverished families by providing opportunities of various experiences of history, culture, nature and IT in Korea.

Most of the children who study at Holt Dream Center are from low-income families where both parents have to work or grandparents or a single parent raise them. They barely have the opportunity to go outside the town they live in. The children need opportunities to grow up as bright and enthusiastic people despite the dire circumstances which can easily suppress and discourage their dreams. And that is why we invite them every year. The children said that they could not sleep at all with excitement before the day they got on the plane to Korea. They got along with each other with bright faces all the time, easily overcoming the strangeness and anxiety in a foreign country they visited for the first time.

After the welcoming ceremony where the children gave a lot of joy with dance and singing performance they practiced at Holt Dream Center, they had various experiences. They sought their interests and their likes by experiencing jobs such as policeman and fire fighter as well as drone flying, pizza baking and fashion show. The children from Tanzania and Cambodia lost track of time riding sleighs and enjoying the snow they saw for the first time in their lives at Snow Park. They overcame language differences and got along with each other in no time. In the process, they learned caring for each other and exchanging warm-hearted communication.

Despite the long flight and busy schedule, the children spent the seven days completely healthy and bright and went home safely. We are sure that their experiences in Korea would be their proud moments, precious memory and encouragement for whatever they dream.

"The best memory is that I performed dancing and singing I practiced a lot in front of many people. Everyone applauded and sincerely welcomed us. I want to study hard and become a great dancer who can spread positive energy among people. I can't wait to go back and share my experiences in Korea with my friends at Holt Dream Center." 

Mia Dane from Cambodia

"As I had so many great memories in Korea, I cannot pick one. When I did policeman job shadowing, I thought that I wanted to be one who can change the world for the better." 

Amin Erden from Mongolia