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Give Back the Love from HCS to the Children of Holt Dream Center

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In the early days of Holt Dream Center Cambodia in 2012, Khorn Srey E started to study at the center as a 12-year-old enthusiastic student. She graduated from the center in October, 2019, at the age of 19 and got accepted by Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), the top university in Cambodia. As she started her college life, she was hired as an administrative staff of Holt Dream Center. Having been a proud daughter and reliable sister at home and a good student the teachers adored at the center, Srey E is now its official staff member. We interviewed her with delight from the multiple happy news.

Srey E: Hello. I'm Srey E, a student from 2012 to 2019 and now an administrative staff of Holt Dream Center.

Q. We heard two great news. First, you got accepted by RUPP. How amazing it is!
I wanna be a high school teacher and so I major in physics and chemistry. I enjoy my college life with no worry thanks to the scholarship from HCS. I want to share the love I received from HCS with others. That encourages me to study hard.

Q. And you got a job at Holt Dream Center. Do you have any reasons that you have to work when you got full scholarship from HCS?
Sometimes it's hard to juggle between working and studying. It takes a lot of energy to attend college classes from six to nine in the afternoon after working from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. But I have to work for my family. My parents has supported me and my brother by selling fish, but now it's not easy when they got older. We also need college tuition for my brother. So I work to earn money for my family and myself.

Q. You had been a Holt Dream Center student for a long time. What kept you from dropping off?
The best thing about the center was that I didn't have to pay to study. Other institutions require some money we cannot afford. Besides, the center supported meals, school uniforms, stationeries and lots of things. I had only happy memories at the center, particularly the birthday parties every month and the picnic I went with all my friends.

Q. What are the memorable moments while you work as a staff at the center?
I sometimes substitute the teachers on vacation or sick leave. I feel proud of myself when I meet students at classes because it feels like I take one step closer to my dream. And it's rewarding when I get better at my work. But it's hard to work on termination process as it's really complicated and I have to do lots of interviews. Most of all, it hurts to see the children in the process while I persuade them.

Q. As a graduate from Holt Dream Center, what do you want to say to your juniors?
Don't give up studying, and someone will be there to support you. And you have a lot more opportunities if you're a college graduate. Never ever give up no matter how hard it is!

Q. Lastly, do you have something to say to the sponsors who have supported you for such a long time?
Thank you for changing my life. I grew up and got an opportunity for my dream at Holt Dream Center. I cannot thank you enough. I wish more children keep on studying with scholarships and books you support.