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It Started Out of Love in 1955

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Harry and Bertha Holt founded Holt Children‘s Services (HCS) to fulfil their philosophy 'Love in Action' in realization that thebest way to help orphans is finding them a new family rather than emergency relief. For 65 years since then, HCS has honored theirphilosophy and operated various welfare projects for neglected children. This year marked HCS's 65th anniversary for which ourlong-time talent donors HS Ad and calligrapher Kang, Byeong-in made an emblem and calligraphy works.

The emblem of HCS's 65th anniversary symbolizes 'connection, love and happiness' in harmony of the main dark blue color withsub-color mint. HS Ad has donated its talent since 2013, having agreed to participate in social contribution projects and workedclosely with us on numerous projects including CI design and radio ad scription. The agency also helped setting up the brand imageand radio scription for HCS's sisterhood program of domestic and overseas children called 'Fragrant Sisterhood, Herb.'

Kang, one of Korea's representative calligraphers, has donated his talent for HCS's many projects including 'Love in Action,''Children Are Most Beautiful When They're Loved' and 'Brave Mothers.' He has also shared his artistic talent at caligraphy classesfor overseas adoptees visiting Korea through HCS programs, which further improved HCS's reputation greatly. He once againbreathed a new life into HCS's mission and vision with his talent donation for 'Love In Action' and 'HCS, A Greater Family' tomark its 65th anniversary.

HCS plans to publish a book titled 'Who? Special: The Holts" to let the world know what Harry and Bertha Holt had done theirwhole lives for Korean war orphans.

HCS could not have done so many works for those in need for the last 65 years without the consistent support, attention andlove of numerous sponsors. They have reached out to the neglected children in need of a family and struggling mothers in need ofsupport. They gave them a new world and an opportunity for a better future. HCS will be a greater family in every aspect of thesociety and make sure that under its warm wings every child could have a happy childhood.