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Overseas Centers Coping With the Pandemic

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The pandemic of the novel coronavirus affects developingcountries, too. These countries with poor health careinfrastructure imposed harsh restrictions including schoolclosures, border closures and curfews. In the meanwhile, thechildren of impoverished families suffer the most. They areeasily neglected at home as schools are closed while their parentsgo to work. Besides, most of the impoverished families suffergreater financial difficulties because of loss of job or reducedincome.

HCS established countermeasures according to crisis levelsand delivered emergency aid for impoverished families andchildren in countries with Holt Dream Center.

I am Sokzzaeut Ukram livingin Cambodia. I can protect myself fromthe virus thanks to the masks my sponsorsupported. Thank you so much. I wishmy sponsor in Korea to besafe and healthy.

The confusion and difficulties that impoverished children have to endure have just begun. No one knows how long the pandemicwould continue and thus how long they would be neglected without meals and excluded from education at home far from hygienewhere it is hard to tell if it is day or night. We would appreciate your attention to the impoverished families and children coping withthe uncertain situation