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Dream Classrooms Made of Angels’ Love

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Buja Karume Elementary School in the Temeke district of the Dar es Salaam region of Tanzania has only nine classrooms for1,225 students, so that one classroom is crammed with about 100 students and that the school is run on double shift.

Angel Network, Suwon volunteers' group, has sponsored HCS's overseas projects since 2017, and this time reached out tothe children of Tanzania. They sponsored the construction of two new classrooms at Buja Karume Elementary School. Thenew classrooms are the only places with power grid in the district, where the students can study under a bright light even inmonsoon season. And the roof above them provides a shelter from the scorching sunlight. As the seventh grade students use thenew classrooms, the school's accommodation improved enough to end the double shift for the fifth and sixth graders. We wouldlike to extend our thanks to Angel Network who presented wonderful classrooms where the students can study in a comfortableenvironment.

* Tanzanian government eased social distancing restrictions in June, and President John Magufuli of Tanzaniaannounced on July 20 that the novel coronavirus was eliminated in the country. Nevertheless, HCS does not let itsguard down on the pandemic situation while running Tanzania Holt Dream Center.