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Please Support Single Mothers Keeping Their Babies

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Birth is a blessing deserved to be celebrated. However, the first things that unwed mothers experience are fear andisolation. Many unwed mothers decide to put their babies up for adoption due to complex reasons including financialdifficulties, the prejudice the child would have to endure being raised by an unwed mother, and wish for their child togrow up in a stable and better environment. But some of them change their minds to keep their babies in the end afterspending some time in agony. These courageous mothers need attention and support to not give up their babies againdue to financial difficulties.

Fitst Story

Hello. I am Lee, Na-heui (alias). I am Ga-hyeon's (alias)mother. I am an unwed mother in my early 20s who raisesan infant alone. I told the father about the baby when I firstfound out that I was pregnant but he was not at all willingto take the responsibility. However, all I could think of wasthat I had to protect the baby. So I gave birth to Ga-hyeonwith the help of the shelter for single mothers. But I gotcompletely clueless when I thought about the future withthe sleeping baby beside me. I decided to put her up foradoption because I thought that it was the best way for herto grow up in a stable environment. In fact, I also wantedto escape from everything as I was exhausted from givingbirth and raising an infant. I even had the stupid idea that Icould live more freely without the baby.

It turned out, however, that I was never happy aftersending her away. I was always tears whenever babiesappear on TV. I missed Ga-hyeon terribly but on the otherhand I was in agony over my situation not at all suitable toraise a child. Then I consulted my HCS counselor, pondereddeeply about my baby's happiness, and changed my mind tokeep her. HCS helped me a lot, supporting items enough toraise a baby and sufficient information.

Now I cannot imagine my life without my daughter.I once sent her away for her to grow up in a betterenvironment with prepared parents, but I am her mother. Imay be an immature and unprepared one but I know nowthat there is nothing I cannot do for my baby.

Second Story

I am Kim, Yeon-ji (alias) and a 23-year-old mother ofSeong-hoon (alias). My family vigorously dissuaded mefrom raising him myself after his birth. My sister told me that it was overwhelming to raise two children even thoughshe had a husband and that I could not possibly do it alone. She was very worried about the future of Seong-hoon andme. I, too, hoped that he would grow up being loved by bothparents as I had grown up in a single-parent family after mymother died when I was little. So I decided to put him up foradoption. While I felt relieved to see him well and healthyin the good care of a HCS foster mother, I missed him moreand more as time went by.

I thought that I would get over it and go on with my lifewithout Seong-hoon if I kept myself busy, preparing forthe qualification exam needed to start my own business. But sleepless nights continued as I missed him terriblywhen I got home exhausted at night and tried to sleep. Afteragonizing over it for a long while, I took the courage andtold my HCS counselor that I wanted to get him back. WhenI took him in my arms again finally, HCS helped me a lotwith all the information and items needed to raise a child.When I saw my baby's face again, I realized that I wasted somany times hesitating about our future and felt terribly sorryfor even trying to send him away. 

Now my life is all about my son. The physical and mentalburden is literally overwhelming, but I am truly happy withmy baby. I will get through any obstacles and let him knowthat I tried my best to keep us together and that he is thereason of my life when he gets old enough to understand. Iam really grateful for HCS for helping me keep my baby.