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'Ga-ga-ho-ho' Delivers Joy to Every Family

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"Raising a child and working for livelihood by myself is a lot more difficult than I expected. The government subsidy's cut now that I started working and the pay is ridiculouslyinsignificant. It's never easy to pay the rent every month."

Housing expenses are a great burden on single parents struggling to lead an independentlife. Therefore, HCS started 'Ga-ga-ho-ho' program to support housing expenses for singleparent families without a stable residence due to low income. 'Ga-ga-ho-ho' means deliveringjoy to every family. HCS subsidized up to 150,000 won per person every month for ten months from last April to January this year. The recipients were selected based on therecord on career and education in order to find out how strong the recipients' will to have anindependent life. The program helped single parents preparing for independence or strugglingafter independence in a practical manner.

One of the recipients said, "Thanks to the subsidy, I got a stable residence along withmental stability, solved one of the financial problems, and strengthened my will to get a joband an independent life." HCS will continue to deliver joy to every family this year. Wewould appreciate your support for single-parent families struggling to lead an independent life.

Messages from Single Parents Helped by 'Ga-ga-ho-ho'

"Thanks to the support, I started again installmentsavings that I had canceled and my kid started to takeswimming classes again. All of these would havebeen nearly impossible without the HCS's program.Now I can move forward toward my another goal anddream of a better future."

"I was able to use the money that I have savedfor 10 months on my child's education as 'Gaga-ho-ho' helped me with some of the rent. It wasreally helpful financially that some of the fixedexpenses were relieved."

"I had many financial worries as I was still a studentbut one of them was relieved thanks to the housingexpense support of the HCS program. I'm so happythat I can support my child better and I will try tobe a more responsible mother while I prepare for aqualification exam."

"Even after getting a job, it takes a long while toget fully independent. But once employment isconfirmed, all the government subsidies are cutin a couple of days. I was terribly worried abouthow I pay for the living and the rent when the HCSprogram was a great relief for me. Now I can savesome deposit money for the lease of a house and mychild's tuition fees."