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Complete Distribution of COVID-19 Daily Recovery Support Kit

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School started last May amid fears of the spread of the COVID-19. Respiratory disease prevention products such as masks and hand sanitizers are more urgent for children during the pandemic when performing essential outside activities such as going to school. At this difficult time, the 5th distribution of the COVID-19 kit was made to 420 children and adolescents with the help of many sponsors such as Gilead Science Korea, SoulBros, and Happy Bean. This kit contains emotional support items (board games, colored pencils, coloring books, etc.), food (instant rice, ham, seaweed, etc.) and quarantine items (mask, hand sanitizer, hand wash).

“When I received the box, I opened it with excitement and curiosity about what was inside. It was nice to have board games for my younger siblings, food we could eat deliciously, masks and hand sanitizers we needed due to COVID-19, and more items that we needed. I will thank the Holt Children Services while we eat the food and have fun with my younger siblings. Thank You.”

“It is really difficult to live during the COVID-19 while taking care of two children with disabilities. Thank you for the food and the toys which was needed in the situation. In particular, the colored pencils, which the children were interested in was also there, so it made me happy to see them try to paint something even with their weak hands.” – Hong OO’s Mother -

“The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has suddenly increased, so I had to stay home and was bored. I was depressed because I couldn’t go out and meet my friends, but it made me feel much better thanks to the gifts I received with the delicious food and games. I hope the COVID-19 goes away soon.” – Sponsored Child So OO - 

” It’s been a week since I entered middle school, but when I go to school, I have to wash my hand several times due to COVID-19. I had a hard time because of psoriasis, but the bubble hand washer I received makes washing my hands softer and better. Thank You.” – Sponsored Child Kim OO -

“Parents who are unemployed, children who are on their phones all day, and children who are exposed to digital sex crimes while snooping around in open chat rooms to get the attention they didn’t receive from their parents. I felt the warmth for a moment by delivering the sharing kit to the children who need the support.” – Lee OO - 

Holt scholarship students participated in this kit packaging following the 4th kit work. They said that packing hundreds of kits was arduous, but it was rewarding to think of the children who would be happy to receive the kits. In addition, social workers and school social work teachers who worked hard to deliver the kits sent vivid thank-you letters with a sense of presence.

“Most of the users of this facility are victims of domestic violence who urgently entered the facility, so there are many cases where they are unable to bring basic household items such as wallets and clothes. Moreover, the situation was even more difficult due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We were able to go through a difficult time by supporting essential supplies in a single kit during this time.” – Lee OO –

“The family to which the kit was delivered is a family where the grandparents were raising their grandchildren. As COVID-19 rapidly being spread in the Gwangju area, classes were replaced with online classes, and it was difficult for the grandparents to make a living on a small income. At this time, Holt not only provided housing support project, but also kit support which was very helpful to the child’s family.” – Kim OO -

The children and their families were very pleased with the precious gift of the COVID-19 kit. The child was living with their mother, father, and grandfather who came from Vietnam. Their father had been working as a public worker for the past 4 months, but after the contract expired, he was unable to find a job due to COVID-19, so there are many difficulties in the family. In this difficult situation, I would like to thank everyone who helped for giving the gifts and necessary groceries to overcome COVID-19 in this difficult situation. Thank you again." – Hong OO – 

Following the delivery of the kits, Holt Children Association plans to continue providing support to children from low-income families who are having difficulty in obtaining psycho-emotional treatment and medical expenses. We are deeply grateful to the donors who have given strength to children and families who are exhausted during the pandemic.