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[Children's Independence Support Project After Protection] 3rd Generation Blue Bird, We Support Your Dream!

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Holt Children’s Services delivered the SAT support kit 'Support Your Dream' to support the 3rd generation Bluebird students who are preparing for the upcoming exam.

For this, the Bluebird students conveyed their gratitude. Let me introduce you to the touching letters from the Bluebird students :)

“Thank you for helping us and supporting us in our hard times due to COVID-19. I hope the pandemic will end soon so that we can take off the face masks and face each other with a bright smile. Thank you for sharing the warmth in the cold weather. Please stay healthy.”

’I am so happy that all the items I received are exactly what I needed! Studying for the certification exam can be difficult, but I won't forget the warm hearts of the sponsors and try my best to become a hair designer and makeup artist, which is my dream. Stay healthy."

“I really wanted to go to a cooking school, but because of your support, I’m moving closer to my dreams. I can now cook basic Korean food. Thank you for the kit!”

“I didn't take the college entrance exam because I passed the university early in the year, but when I received the gift, it felt good to feel that there are many reliable people around me.”

“I will cover my knees with the blankets I received while I study, and will prevent the virus with the sanitary products. And I will definitely get accepted to college after eating taffy and the chocolates. Stay healthy! Thank you.”

“The pandemic, which I thought would end in a month or two, is ongoing which made me restless and nervous as I spent the third year of high school preparing and living actively in the circle. The SAT support kit I received was filled with what I liked and needed, so I was excited and happy. I will treasure the support kit you sent me and use it with gratitude whenever necessary.”

“"After spending my third year of high school in the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, I was fighting against myself, having a harder time than ever, as my daily life was shaken by the pressure of the SAT. During this time, I was able to take the courses I wanted to learn with the scholarships supported by the Holt Children’s Services and the Hyundai Department Store’s Social Welfare Foundation, and I was able to read the books I wanted to read as much as I wanted. Also, the SAT support Kit was a great encouragement and gave me the strength to try my best. Thank you."

“I am not taking the SAT right away because I’m getting a job, but I felt encouraged in advance when I received the support kit. In addition, I sincerely thank the Hyundai Department Store Social Welfare Foundation for giving me the opportunity to flap my wings.”

“With the scholarship that I received, I was able to study at the academy I wanted. I also want to thank the presents I got before the SAT. I will use the blanket while I studying and protect myself from the virus with the hygiene products. And I will definitely get accepted to college after eating the taffy and chocolate. Stay healthy. Thank you."