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Overcome the disability

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What would be the most popular hobby recently? It is definitely “working out”. From exercising at home to playing team sports with many others, sport is right beside us, yet still a barrier for people with disabilities.

The Holt Gym Ilsan for Disabled People offers various programs on a daily basis for disability empowerment. The Holt Gymnasium aims to reduce the hardships that disabled people may go through when exercising, and enhance their physical health and encourage them to have productive hobbies.

Safe and joyful P.E. Time

From morning till night, the Holt Gym program never ends! The users like this new Integrative Rehabilitation Program Room. This room was built thanks to the support of ‘Hyundai Home Shopping.’ The Hyundai Home Shopping has been continuously supporting and sending interest to physical activities of the disabled people and their participation in sports since 2010, including Wheelchair Basketball Championship.

What the disabled athletes should consider most is safety. For people with varying physical disabilities, they may have a disability or inability to walk, or insufficient balance ability and thus are in need of a safe environment to protect their body well. The Program Room with light-blue protective floor mat and ivory-colored wall padding is a perfect place where participants can move around without any physical restraint. In the rehabilitation program room, Taekwondo, Band/Stretching classes are being taught. Participants do not have to worry about safety problems when kicking, jumping, and stretching on a puffy floor where extra yoga mats are not needed.

Due to pandemic, only the residents of ‘Holt Ilsan Town’ and ‘Holt Ilsan Home’ are allowed to use the Rehabilitation Program Room. Still, the Program Room is planning to continue various sports programs, both for the disabled and able-bodied for Community inclusion.

A Breeze of Hope blowing through the Court

Every April 20th, on the day of People with Disability, the Holt Gym Ilsan holds its biggest annual festival – the Go-Yang Mayor’s Cup Holt Wheelchair Basketball Championship.

This year’s competition was the first national wheelchair basketball competition that was held after the COVID-19 crisis. 6 teams from the first league (Goyang Holt, Daegu City Hall, Seoul City Hall, Suwon, Mugunghwa Electronics, Jeju Samdasoo, Chuncheon City Sports Association for the Disabled) all participated in the competition. Although there were no fans in the seats due to pandemic regulations, the participants were very much passionate about this long-time-no-seen national championship.

Through this Go-Yang Mayor’s Cup Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Championship games, the participating athletes may check out each other’s power, say hello, communicate, and send their regards to each other. For para-athletes, this championship is not just a simple competition. Rather, inside the court, they encourage each other, communicate, thus enhancing their emotional rehabilitation abilities.

Likewise, sport is not only an activity involving physical exertion, but also an integrative rehabilitation system that also may gain emotional stability. We, Holt Gym Ilsan is willing to do our best to encourage activation of Physical Education Programs for the disabled people so that more and more people with disabilities may participate in Sports activities in near future without restraint.