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The need for a workspace to help single parents can become financially independent

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Most of unmarried single parents are having difficulty with financial hardship, as they going through the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and baby rearing, and experiencing school interruption, career interruption, and resignation and so on.

In order to become economically independent, they must work for regular income, but there are many limitations in choosing a job for single parents who are also responsible for raising children on their own. Many single parents want to work in a flexible and long-term job, but it is not easy to create a 'physical space' where they can strengthen their competencies and develop their skills.

In order to use technology for making money, you need expensive professional equipment that can practice repeatedly and craft items. In addition, You need work space that can be used freely and comfortably, and a ‘space’ where you can interact with single parents who have common interests.


"Is there no practice space where I can freely use professional equipment?"

"Is there no space where I can comfortably work for a long time?"

"I want to meet seniors in my field of interest and ask for advice, where can I meet them?"


A space that dreams of the future, ‘HOLT Shared Craft-space’

Holt Children's Service, Inc. opened the 'HOLT Shared Craft-space' in May to support that single parents achieve psychological, social, and economic independence. The sharing Craft-space consists of a baking room, a leather craft room, a handicraft room, and a community room, and single parents can use this space to train their skills, develop products, and make them for sale. In addition to attending lectures, you can rent a space to deliver lectures yourself, and even improve your professionalism by preparing for certification.

Classes by field led by experts

To provide single parents with an opportunity to explore a shared craft space with equipment such as specialized equipment, and to introduce a variety of work activities by field, I participated in a one-day class conducted by experts in baking, leather craft, and handicraft fields, and they were able to experience activities that each interests field. Also, through exchanges with instructors and single parents. They could be comforted their tired mind due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Impressions of participating in the single parents open event

"It was such a pleasant time. I have interested in baking a lot, fortunately I was able to learn through this opportunity. We could cook together in a comfortable atmosphere using all their tools, and I shared to eat the homemade delicious bread with the family.” “I’m proud to make produced results that exceed expectations with good equipment in a fresh space. I really want to learn again if there is a chance.

Support message from sponsoring company 

“I sincerely support to become a place where it can grow together and ponder the part single parents worry alone. I hope that the Hana Financial Nanum Foundation has been helpful some of in the process of self-reliance.”

– Kim Hwa-sik, Executive Director, Hana Financial Nanum Foundation,–

“There is a saying that everything in the world shines with its own color. Don't forget how beautiful each and every one of you is, I hope that you can develop more vivid colors in the sharing craft-space. AHC Carver Korea, a beauty innovator that sculpts beauty and shares happiness, supports your dreams.”

– Yoon-Jeong Ahn, Head of Human Resources Management Division, Carver Korea –