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Sending Hope to Nepal

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Last April, it was so serious that the maximum number of Covid infected came to around 9,000 per day after the second pandemic started from India hit Nepal. 5 months later now, the number of Covid infected has decreased to around 1,000 on average, but it is still high compared to the 30 million population. In addition, the number of Covid infected continues to increase, causing severe damage.

Due to the lack of medical oxygen resulting from the increase in the number of Covid infected, the government stopped using oxygen for non-medical purposes.

In particular, the situation around the metropolitan area is even more serious, and Gandaki Province, west of Kathmandu has more than three times the number of Covid infected compared to 2020, but it is still not prepared a proper medical system. 

In an urgent situation, Nepal requested medical equipment support such as oxygen generators and personal protective equipment (PPE). The Holt Children's services, Inc. urgently asked Severance Hospital and Polytechnic University Wonju Campus to support, and each institution gladly accepted it. Twenty oxygen generators supported by Severance Hospital and 150 sets of PPE supported by Polytechnic University Wonju Campus arrived in Kathmandu through India airlines via Delhi, India. Oxygen generators were distributed to eight medical institutions in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Gandaki, while PPE were distributed to 28 local medical centers.

More than 5,000 people live in the area, and only one local medical center manages the health of local residents. However, the local medical center was not equipped with proper protective equipment. Therefore, staffs were always exposed to the risk of COVID-19. The Corkerna Medical center expressed its gratitude, saying that PPE support has made it possible to see medical treatment much more stable. The doctor of Gandaki local hospital said he was desperate because he could not save many infected due to lack of oxygen, and promised to save more patients by using the oxygen generator.