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Closed school

More than 168 million children around the world have not been able to go to school for more than a year due to COVID-19. Children from the vulnerable class are going through the burden of a bigger education gap, and About 463 million children are unable to participate in non-face-to-face education such as online education during the school closure period.

Cambodia has yet to open the school since it closed again in February this year, and Nepal has been closed the school since April last year. Mongolia carefully reopened in September after issuing a school closure order in November last year, but it is said to be closing again soon due to the increasing trend of confirmed cases.

Education disruption of children from Slums

The disruption of education caused by COVID-19 is even more serious for children in urban slums. Due to the economic situation, it children are difficult to get electronic devices such as digital devices, and it is difficult to get help from parents for self-directed learning. Even if the school opens again and starts classes, the educational gap between children is expected to be widened.

We want to study, too

Most Cambodian and Mongolian families do not have computers and the Internet, so it is difficult to make fully online classes.
The Holt Dream Center creates a Facebook group to invite students and posts short learning videos produced by center teachers to encourage students to participate in classes on their parents' mobile phones. Students can continue their studies by solving the pre-distributed workbooks once a week, and teachers give them time to self-directed learning to check their questions and class understanding by phone or text every day.