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Cambodia Exciting Ukulele Music Class! [Cambodian EQ Support Project]

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Holt Cambodia Dream Center has various educational projects for the bright future of elementary school to college students from underprivileged background in Anchan, Cambodia.

The programs include special activities such as art, dance, and taekwondo to support children's emotional well-being. 

Recently, the Dream Center has held a special music class, which was very popular with children.

It is a ukulele class which is held every Monday. Children are taking music classes with such enthusiasm and anticipation every week. 

Some talented students even play ukulele only after practicing a couple of times.

Music classes not only strengthen children's emotional development and self-esteem, but also have a positive effect on improving social and communication skills with their peers.

In addition to music education, Holt's overseas branches run various emotion support programs to help children enjoy learning and improve their concentration level.

This ultimately helps children to become more responsible by lowering the dropout rate and fail rate.

Holt's overseas centers will continue to support various programs to help children grow up healthy.

The Holt Children's Welfare Association supports various educational projects to achieve the "UN Sustainable Development Goal 4" and to ensure that children are guaranteed with quality education.