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Words of encouragement from someone who was in the similar situation ["Blue Bird, Flapping for Dreams" Talk Concert]

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Last January, teenagers who are preparing to be independent leaving care facilities had time to communicate with their mentors. The event was attended by bobsleigh national team player, Kang-Han, who is an honorary mentor for the project "Bluebird, Dream Day" to support children's independence, and also by the social company, Brother’s Keeper. It was moderated by MC Kang Kyung-hyun.

In the first part of the talk concert, Kang Han started his lecture under the theme of "The Power to Become Stronger in the midst of Difficulties," and talked about how he prepared himself to be independent earlier than others. He shared how he grew his dream in the care facility and the difficulties he faced in the process. He delivered the message that he was not alone while overcoming the difficulties.

"When I was young, the parents of my peers came to see the competitions, in my case, my guardian teacher from the facility came to cheer me up. 

From that time, I realized that I was growing up in a different environment.

When I left the orphanage in the winter of 2017 with a box of my belongings, I thought about a lot of things. I realized I am really alone in the world. I felt like my life is totally blank and I need to start a new life. The pressure that I need to decide everything by myself was huge. I didn't even know how to turn on the heater in my new room. I want to tell you that it's not a shame that you don't know something. If you don’t know something, you can ask others and learn.

People sometimes asked me, “Would it be possible that you become a member of the Korean national team?" “Why don't you just find a stable job?” But I've never cast any doubt on myself. People’s negative attention became a momentum for success for me.

The second part was held under the theme of "Concerns and questions after leaving the facilities.” He had a time to talk about the common concerns and dilemmas for the mentees who are about to become independent leaving their facilities, and gave advice to them.

"I was alone when I left the facility. The hardest thing was that there was no mentor next to me who I could ask for advice when I didn't know something. The fact that you have a mentor next to you with whom you can share your daily life and ask questions will be a big help.”


"We're all living our lives that we didn’t have option to choose, but we're living them well. So please remember that you're a valuable person and can become someone who can be helpful to others."

– Brother’s Keeper

The 4th Blue Bird mentees who participated in the talk concert said, "It was a very meaningful time because our mentors who had the same experience told their experiences personally.”

"It was a great help to listen to their realistic advice, and it was encouraging as well.”

This talk concert has become a time of warm comfort and support for young adults who are about to become independent. Please continue to support Blue Bird mentees who are preparing to become independent starting to flap their wings vigorously for a healthy and bright future.

"Bluebird, Flapping for Dreams" is a support program launched in 2018 for young adults who are leaving care facilities and preparing to become independent. 

Please encourage our brave young adults, our Blue Bird friends, who are starting to flap their wings vigorously for healthy and bright future!